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Timeline of Armed Civil War of Nepal and following Peace Processes

May 1994 The Communist Party of Nepal-Unity Centre splits into two, one led by Prachanda and another by Nirmal Lama. Unity Centre led by Prachanda goes completely underground.
March 1995 The Unity Centre led by Prachanda renames party name to Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist).
September 1995 CPN (Maoist) adopts the ‘Plan for the Historical Initiation of the People’s War’.
October 1995 The CPN (Maoist) launched a campaign in Rolpa and Rukum districts named Sija Campaign.
November 1995 The police launched an action called ‘Operation Romeo’ against Maoist supporters in Rolpa, Rukum and Dang districts.
4 February 1996 The Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist...